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Wireless Signage Display
Interactive Signage Display

+ 7 inch

+ 8 inch

+ 10.1/10.2 inch

+ 10.4 inch

+ 12.1 inch

+ 15 inch

+ 15.6 inch

+ 17 inch

+ 18.5/19 inch

+ 21.5/22 inch

HD Signage Display

Interactive Signage Display (Touch Screen)

Interactive Signage Display with integrated touch-screen technology delivers everything you need to deploy and manage an interactive advertising, educational or promotional digital signage kiosk network quickly and easily. In addition to the touchscreen interfaces included with each display, we provides all the required and pre-configured software components to ensure that your interactive solution works flawlessly.


  1. All-in-one integrated solution
  2. Commercial touch-screen displays
  3. Automatic logging of interactions
  4. Support for standard media files
  5. Advanced security features
  6. Upgrade contents of Built-in memory by simply inserting an USB flash drive
  7. Timer function: When a video ends OR a JPEG times-out, play next predefined file automatically.
  8. Consumer can control Volume UP/DOWN via touch screen.





Touch Profiler Software

Each Interactive Signage Display system includes Touch Profiler Software that can help user to generate a FLASH-like text file (in extension .MAD). The MAD files are programmed to support pre-defined “touch-points” that, once invoked, will give the user or viewer the ability to continuously drill down and obtain additional product or services information. Each “touch” from the user is logged by the device and can be extracted via USB flash drive for analysis using the extra Reporting or exporting facility.

Touch Screen                     4-wire Resistance

Supported Media
Media card formats                  SD, MS, MS Pro, MMC 4-in-1
Image formats                          JPEG
Video formats                           MPEG 1/2/4(DIVX,XVID) D1 Resolution @ 30fps , M-JPEG 640*480@30fps, MPEG 2 can support up to 6Mbps bitrate, MPEG 4 AVI can support up to 4Mbps bitrate


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